1. How Do I Become an OSTEOFIT Instructor
  2. What is an Osteofit Instructor’s Scope of Practice
  3. How do Instructors Maintain OSTEOFIT certification?
  4. Where Can I Get the OSTEOFIT Manual and Forms?
  5. How do I become an OSTEOFIT Instructor Trainer?

1. How Do I Become an OSTEOFIT Instructor?

OSTEOFIT Instructor Registration

BC Women's Hospital develops the OSTEOFIT Instructor Training Course curriculum, course design, course faculty, and course manual. It establishes the OSTEOFIT Instructor Scope of Practice and Performance Standards. As a BC Women's Hospital trademarked program, OSTEOFIT must be delivered according to the pre-determined format and curriculum.

Fitness instructors interested in becoming a BC Women's Hospital certified OSTEOFIT instructor must complete the 15-hour OSTEOFIT Instructor Training Course.

OSTEOFIT Instructors are registered through BCRPA. The BCRPA Fitness Registration Program is a recognized means of gauging expertise, qualifications, and abilities. Successful candidates are recognized as educated, well-trained individuals capable of providing a high quality of service.

OSTEOFIT Instructor Registration Requirements

  • BCRPA registration in Group Fitness OR Weight Training OR Personal Training prior to OSTEOFIT training course
  • BCRPA Third Age designation prior to OSTEOFIT training course
  • OSTEOFIT Instructor Training Course
  • OSTEOFIT written exam (70% required to pass)
  • OSTEOFIT Instructor Competency Evaluation (ICE) valid for 3 years
  • Current First Aid and CPR
  • Copies of current certifications.

There is no additional cost to register as an OSTEOFIT instructor. Your BCRPA fitness registration will include OSTEOFIT designation provided all requirements have been met.

Download the Osteofit Instructor Application Form A Form B Form C

OSTEOFIT Instructor Training Course

The BC Women's OSTEOFIT Instructor Training Course is a two-day program. The curriculum includes:

  • Role of BC Women's Osteoporosis Program
  • Introduction to Osteoporosis
  • Management of Osteoporosis
  • Basic Nutrition for Healthy Bones
  • Principles of Training
  • Exercise Analysis
  • Contraindicated Exercises
  • OSTEOFIT Program Design
  • Networking with Health Care Services

At the end of the Instructor Training course, instructors are required to take a multiple-choice, closed book exam. A score of 70% is required to pass. A cost of $30 is applied to the exam. The OSTEOFIT Instructor exam may be proctored. Contact BCRPA for more information.


Upcoming Osteofit Instructor Training Courses 

Course Dates 

  • Get Up & Go Instructor Training
    This training is restricted to current Osteofit Instructors only.
    November 22, 2015
    George Pearson Learning Centre
    650 West 57th Avenue
    Vancouver, BC
    Course conductor will be Debbie Cheong, Osteofit Master Trainer
    Contact  for more information
    Download registration form


  • Osteofit Instructor Training Course

    February 28 & March 6, 2016
    Jewish Community Centre
    950 41st Ave W, Vancouver BC
    Course conductor will be Melanie Galloway

    Please contact the centre directly for more information and to register.

Course credits

The OSTEOFIT Instructor training course is recognized by BCRPA for a total of 15 Continuing Education Credits (CECs) toward Instructor fitness registration renewal.

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2. What is an OSTEOFIT Instructor’s Scope of Practice?

Based on BC Women's Hospital guidelines and BCRPA standards, the OSTEOFIT instructor is able to:

  • Provide initial health screening.
  • Design, modify and instruct safe, effective and appropriate fitness programs to meet the needs of apparently healthy individuals or special population who have received medical clearance* in a group fitness or weight room setting.
  • Lead exercise sessions based on BC Women's guidelines and BCRPA standards.
  • Incorporate the use of appropriate equipment based on specialized training and the needs of the participants.
  • Ensure a safe exercise environment utilizing standard screening tools.
  • Provide basic nutritional information based on Canada's Guide to Healthy Eating. Participants' requests for advanced nutritional information should be referred to a qualified nutrition professional.
  • Obtain specialized training and consult with appropriate health care professionals to work with Special Populations (seniors, youth, persons with a disease condition or disorder).
  • Act as a resource and refer to appropriate health care providers when dealing with participants who have conditions that the OSTEOFIT instructor is not specifically accredited to address.

*Some participants may require medical clearance from a Physician or Nurse Practitioner, those include patients over 69 years of age and/or who answer yes to any questions in the Par Q assessment. OSTEOFIT instructors must ensure that they comply with the terms of such clearance as indicated by the medical practitioner regarding these individuals.

Benefits of registration as a BC Women's OSTEOFIT Instructor

There are a number of benefits of being a certified OSTEOFIT instructor through BCRPA:

  • Clinical support from BC Women's Osteoporosis Program specialists -- Physiotherapist, Dietitian, Nurse Clinician and Physicians
  • Regular research updates related to seniors' health and wellness
  • Annual continuing education updates at minimal costs through workshops in all regions of the province
  • Membership in an industry-standard not-for-profit organization (85% of fitness facilities require BCRPA registration as a standard of employment)
  • Decreased risk of liability exposure. In a court of law, the parties involved are measured against the industry standard.
  • $2 million liability insurance included in registration (discounted insurance program for personal trainers)
  • Scope of Practice and Code of Ethics
  • Nationally recognized registration, transferable to other provinces (part of the National Fitness Leadership Alliance - NFLA)
  • Recognition of expanded skills in working with the older population
  • Connection to the fitness / health industry
  • E-news that provides current training information and industry updates
  • Discounts at various retail outlets

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3. How Do Instructors Maintain OSTEOFIT Certification?

OSTEOFIT Instructors are required to maintain certification with professional development workshops annually. Instructions are required to renew their fitness registration every 2 years and repeat OSTEOFIT Instructor Competency Evaluation (ICE) practical exam every 3 years.

OSTEOFIT certification maintenance requirements:

  • Current BCRPA fitness registration in Group Fitness OR Weight Training OR Personal Training
  • BCRPA Third Age designation or Older Adult Module must be completed
  • 4 Continuing Education Credits in older adult fitness workshops (over 2 years)
  • OSTEOFIT Instructor Competency Evaluation practical exam (valid for three years)
  • Current First Aid and CPR

Download the Osteofit Renewal-ICE form

Download the list of Osteofit Evaluators

OSTEOFIT continuing education workshops are offered throughout the year in communities around the province. Workshops are open to OSTEOFIT instructors as well as Physicians, Physiotherapists, Nurses and other allied health care providers.

Workshops are listed below. For more information, contact the Provincial Coordinator at



Date & Time


A Review of Exercises for those with Osteoporosis

This session will review the current guidelines from Osteoporosis Canada for exercises for those at risk for fractures. Co-presented by Marcella Paoletti, Physiotherapist from BC Women's Osteoporosis Clinic and Debbie Cheong, Master Trainer of Osteofit Instructors. This workshop is open to all instructors and health care professionals.
Presented for in-person attendance on April 1, 2015 at BC Women's Health Centre. On-line option also available.
Credits: 2.0 BCRPA CECs
Download registration form 

In-person April 1, 2015

Also available for on-line viewing.

In-person, BC Women's Health Centre.
Access code for on-line viewing will be provided upon registration

Working Towards Better Balance

This session will explore effective strategies for incorporating balance in exercise programs. 
Co-presented by Marcella Paoletti, Physiotherapist from the Osteoporosis Clinic at BC Women’s Health Centre and Debbie Cheong, Master Trainer of Osteofit Instructors.
This workshop is open to all instructors and health care professionals.
Credits:2.0 BCRPA CECs
Download registration form



Workshop  available for online viewing.


 Access code will be provided upon registration. 


(Registered Osteofit instructors only)

Restricted to Osteofit instructors!
Join Debbie Cheong, Master Trainer of Osteofit Instructors for this practical review of the Osteofit program design. The Osteofit instructor training manual has over 80 illustrations and describes more than 25 agility activities that instructors can incorporate into their Osteofit classes. Are you using them all?
Credits: 2.0 BCRPA CECs
Download registration form


Workshop available for online viewing.


 Access code will be provided upon registration. 


Exploring Progressive Overload in Exercise for Seniors

The benefits of strength training for seniors are well documented and most of our exercise programs include some resistance training. Are we providing opportunities for progression? This workshop reviews the principles of Progressive Overload and explores techniques to safely increase intensity for seniors of varying abilities, function and mobility.
Presenter: Debbie Cheong
This workshop is open to all instructors and health care professionals.
Credits: 2.5 BCRPA CECs

Download registration form

Ongoing- Online workshop 

Available by Mediasite for online viewing. Access code will be provided upon registration.


A Review of Strength Training Principles for the Older Adult

As our population ages, enrollment in exercise programs for the older, more frail adult continues to increase. How safe is it to include strength training? Which exercises are best for this older population? In this workshop we will review strength training principles, use of resistance, FITT principle, program design and progressions as it applies to seniors.
Presenter: Debbie Cheong.
This online workshop open to all instructors and health care professionals. 
Credits: 2.0 BCRPA credits

Download registration form 

Ongoing - Online workshop

Available by Mediasite for online viewing. Access code will be provided upon registration.

Arthritis and Exercise Cautions and Modifications 

As fitness instructors we are facing an increase in the number of older adults attending our classes. These vibrant and active participants present with various chronic conditions of which Arthritis is a common concern. This workshop will provide an overview of Arthritis and the modifications and precautions necessary to accommodate individuals in OSTEOFIT classes who present with this disease condition.
Presenter: Wendy Turner, Physiotherapist at Lions Gate Hospital Arthritis Program.
This workshop is open to all instructors and health care professionals.

Credits: 1.5 BCRPA credits
Registration required.
Download registration form  

Ongoing – Online Workshop

Available by Mediasite for online viewing. Access code will be provided upon registration.

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4. Where Can I Get the OSTEOFIT Manual, Forms and Fit Tips?


The OSTEOFIT Manual is a resource for anyone training to become an OSTEOFIT instructor. It complements the in-person training developed for OSTEOFIT instructors by BC Women’s Hospital’s Osteoporosis Program. Manuals are included with the instructor training course. Fit Tips are found in the Osteofit manual.

The OSTEOFIT manual was updated in 2011. Current Osteofit Instructors who would like to upgrade to the revised manual can contact the OSTEOFIT Provincial Coordinator at


Forms can be found on the OSTEOFIT Forms page .

Nutrition for Healthy Bones Fit Tip.

Download a copy.

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5. How Do I Become an OSTEOFIT Instructor Trainer?

Two options are available for individuals interested in becoming an OSTEOFIT Instructor Trainer.



University Degree, Diploma or Certificate in Physical Education, Kinesiology or other related Health and Fitness area

Current Fitness Leader registration in OSTEOFIT

In addition, both options require the following:

  • Current BCRPA registration (out of province registration will be reviewed and assessed on an individual basis)
  • Current First Aid and CPR
  • Resume of practical experience detailing 30 hours of recent supervisory experience as well as minimum 2 years of on-floor instruction in OSTEOFIT (approximately 100 hours)
  • Recognized Supervisors course from an established university, college or business school (i.e. Justice Institute, Open Learning Institute, Community College)
  • BC Women's Instructional Competency Evaluation (ICE) Workshop and Practicum
  • Advanced OSTEOFIT ICE
  • Two shadow OSTEOFIT ICE
  • Two reference letters (current within 1 year) from a Supervisor or Manager/Owner of a fitness facility
  • Transcript indicating University/College education in related Health and Fitness area (minimum 27 credits)
  • Letter indicating apprenticeship (50 hours of shadowing the OSTEOFIT Instructor Training course) under a BCRPA registered Trainer of OSTEOFIT Fitness Leaders (TFL)
  • Recognized Trainer of Trainers workshop/Adult Education course
  • Osteofit-specific Trainer of Trainers workshop

For more information, contact the Provincial Coordinator at

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